At least 8 semi trucks damaged by thrown rocks on I-465 on south side

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – At least eight semi trucks were damaged early Thursday morning after someone threw rocks at them.

Police said it happened on 465 near Madison Avenue on the south side. The trucks’ windshields were cracked, dented or shattered as a result.

Over the weekend, an Indianapolis Metropolitan police car was damaged after someone threw a brick from the CSX railroad crossing bridge over Madison Avenue. Two civilian drivers reported the same thing, saying bricks or rocks hit their cars.

IMPD called the behavior “extremely reckless” in reference to the weekend incident.

Less than a month ago, two juveniles ages 13 and 15 were arrested after they were accused of throwing rocks from the pedestrian bridge over Madison Avenue, damaging at least eight vehicles.

Police are telling drivers to stay alert and report anything suspicious in the area. Police were investigating if the incidents were connected in any way.