Police: 14-year-old arrested for allegedly shooting Anderson boy with BB gun

ANDERSON, Ind. – Police have arrested a 14-year-old male in connection with the BB gun shooting of 5-year-old Bentley Chestnut.

The teen is facing charges of criminal recklessness, aggravated battery and theft.

Bentley was shot Friday evening as his family was driving on their golf cart near Lake Killbuck. As they were driving towards Alexandria Pike on Killbuck Trace, they heard reportedly heard a pop and Bentley started screaming and bleeding from the back of the head.

They took him to a local hospital, where scans showed he had a BB lodged dangerously close to his brain stem.

Bentley was later rushed to Riley where doctors were unable to remove the BB. Doctors said it doesn’t need to be removed unless it migrates closer to his brain stem.

His mother said that Bentley has recovered and is almost back to his normal self.

Family said they believe the shot was fired at the golf cart from a nearby tree line.

The name of the suspect was not released because he’s a minor.

He was booked into the Madison County Youth Center.