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UPDATE: Muncie man found not guilty in domestic battery case

Clayvern Jernigan

UPDATE (August 22, 2017)– A jury found Clayvern Jernigan not guilty on all counts.

Original story:

MUNCIE, Ind.– A Muncie man is facing multiple charges after allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend and hitting her with a grill.

Police responded to Ball Memorial Hospital on June 1 on a report of a domestic dispute. The victim had visible and apparently severe injuries to her face, officers said. Court documents show they observed significant bruising and blood on her face and her left eye was swelling shut. It was later found that she had a facial fracture.

The victim said she was driving with her sister to pick her children up from daycare. The victim’s ex-boyfriend, Clayvern Jernigan, was in a car behind them on their way home, according to court documents. The victim and Jernigan share one child.

She said she was scared Jernigan was following their car because they have a history of domestic issues. She went to a home to secure her children, but didn’t tell police exactly where the home was.

Once the children were inside, the victim said Clayvern began kicking her vehicle. Then, Clayvern allegedly grabbed a small grill from a nearby residence and hit the victim in the face with it, rendering her unconscious. She told police she doesn’t remember the rest of the altercation.

The victim’s sister confirmed the story in a separate interview with police. She said after the victim was hit with the grill, Clayvern kicked her unconscious body an unknown number of times.

Clayvern faces charges of aggravated battery, domestic battery and battery with injury.