Young Hoosier turning to YouTube to spread anti-bullying message

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A 9-year-old Indianapolis girl is using her voice, talent, and personality to spread a message to her peers.
Stop bullying.

"It's a channel that I really wanted to start because I saw a whole bunch of other YouTubers doing videos and they really inspired me to do something," Emma Roland said.

Emma approached her mom about the idea to start a channel and her mom finally agreed.

"After her constant begging me I said, "OK, well, we can do it but let's have a message or let's have a plan," Katie Roland said.

The channel is called Kid Hacked and it's all about how to make your life easier. Katie's mom films and edits the videos from planning trips to Disney, or making pancakes. But Emma was inspired to touch on a more hard hitting topic after seeing many of her peers deal with bullying at school.

"And I just wanted to do a video about it and see if it could at least change some people and think that if you're bullying other people, it's not good for other people because it makes them feel bad about themselves," Emma said.

Emma says her favorite young YouTuber encouraged her to be positive and that's what she hopes this channel will spread to others.

"It's just a good vibe. If you're feeling negative or something or somebody else is negative it doesn't, like, if somebody is negative bullying you, you just think of the positive also," Emma said.

And with just a few months of YouTube experience the fourth grader hopes this message will catch on with kids just like her.