Three Indy teens with lengthy criminal past caught following violent carjacking

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Three teens are facing some serious criminal charges following a violent early morning carjacking.

IMPD arrested the trio after officers say they tried to steal a man’s car near 29th and MLK. The victim says he was sitting in his car when he heard what sounded like a gunshot hit his car window. The victim quickly jumped out of his car and then watched the three teens drive away.

“The cops are telling me it was a brick,  but it sounded like a gunshot to me,” said the victim Lonnie Harrison.

Lonnie says the suspects didn’t try to hurt him, but with his windshield broken he was too afraid to fight back.

“I thought they fired a gunshot. I didn’t take no chances. These young guys tend to shoot first these days,” said Harrison.

Lonnie’s car suffered more damage when the teenage thieves crashed following a brief chase with police.

A 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds were taken into custody when police spotted the stolen car just moments after the theft.

“They had no business being out. I think they did an adult crime, so they should do the time,” said Harrison.

Unfortunately, if history is any indication, Lonnie won’t get his wish because each of the three underage suspects has a long criminal history beginning when they were all 13-years-old.

The first 15-year-old suspect was arrested by IMPD in March and June of 2015 for burglary and weapons charges. Suspect two has been arrested at least four times, including once on a similar car theft and police chase. The third suspect has the longest rap sheet, including a warrant arrest this year, as well as multiple car theft and drug related arrests.

Lonnie says the system needs to find a way to hold teens accountable when they commit dangerous violent crimes.

“These days these kids are grown. They want to do grown stuff, they need to be punished for grown stuff,” said Harrison.

Because all three suspects are underage their names are not being released.