A brief break from the heat but humidity remains high; Heat reloads for the weekend

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Thursday afternoon only reached 81-degrees making this the coolest afternoon in one week.  The recent warm spell has reached 7 straight days above normal and will not break just yet.  The June warmth is impressive and the average temperature of 72.5° is among warmest 24% on record.


The dew point remains high and hasn't backed off despite the cooler air temperatures Thursday.  The dew point is the real measure on sticky air and when it is above 60-degrees it is uncomfortable.

It will remain humid overnight and combining with the recent rainfall, fog will develop through the night.


The milder day may mask the sticky feel but this air remains loaded with moisture.  The uncomfortable air will combine with a hotter Friday afternoon temperature to create a heat index Friday into the lower 90's.

The recent warmth may peak Saturday with stronger southwest winds and a forecast high temperature into the lower 90s.


New storms will come and in bunched starting as early as Friday afternoon.  Locally heavy rainfall and few gusty storms are possible later Friday afternoon and evening.  Storms will threaten parts of the upcoming weekend especially later Saturday evening and night.  Storms could be strong or severe as a cold front nears early Sunday morning.  With the passage of a cold front Sunday afternoon a few more storms are possible on Father's day.  We will monitor trends and better firm up the timing of the storm threats on Friday.