Neighbors are nervous on east side as houses hit by stray bullets

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- IMPD is investigating houses hits by bullets all across the city. There’s no word if any of these are related, but some of the people who live in these homes say they are terrified.

In his 27 years of living on the east side, 71-year-old Thomas Mitchum has never had a scare like the one he got early Tuesday morning.

“I was just sitting there watching TV,” said Mitchum, “and then the bullets started flying through the house.”

It was around 4 a.m. Tuesday at his home near 27th St. and Eastern Avenue.

“Definitely lucky, I should have been hit,” said Mitchum, “I should have been hit.”

Elsewhere this week, other homes have also been hit by bullets. On the east side, according to police reports, a woman in the apartments on Stouffer Lane told cops a bullet shot through her toddler’s window, hitting his fish tank and leaving it shattered. Then early Thursday morning, cops were called to a home on Dawson Street on the southeast side, after people there said the house had been “shot up.”

Jewel Gordon lives a few doors down from that house.

“It makes me very nervous,” said Gordon. In fact, she’s so used to gunfire, she worries about just getting up for work.

“I can walk out my front door and get shot,” said Gordon.

Police are investigating each incident, but a few neighbors says more patrols are needed, especially during the summer months.

And as always, police are asking neighbors to help be their eyes and ears, so if you spot something that looks suspicious or have any information on these shootings, you can give IMPD or Crime Stoppers a call.