Family puts up ‘Don’t get scammed’ sign after people try to rent their home

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An online listing to rent a three bedroom home for $800 a month looked enticing, but the family living in the home say it's not for rent.

Kentry Burris contacted FOX59 after someone showed up at his door on the west side and said he saw a posting online to rent the home.

"He showed us a form and said, 'This house is showing for rent on Craigslist,'" Burris said.

Burris and his family were shocked, since they were living in the home and had no plans to rent it out.

On the listing, they saw photos of both the inside and outside of their three bedroom home, which the person listing it said he was renting because he was on a mission trip in West Africa. The posting encouraged people to "drive by and check the neighborhood."

After more people started showing up to check it out, Burris posted a sign on his front door that reads, "This message is to anyone who may have seen this property listed on Craigslist as available for rent. The information is false, this property is not for rent and is currently occupied."

The family said they recognized the photos: they had listed their house for sale a few weeks ago but quickly took the listing down.

"At the last minute, we decided we didn’t want to sell. We didn’t want to leave and that’s when all of this started to happen," Burris said.

FOX59 talked to Burris' realtor, who said he did post the listing to a number of realty websites online, which is now standard when you sell your home. He said he reported it to MIBOR Realor Association, which forwarded the information to the FBI's Cyber Crimes division.

A MIBOR spokesperson told FOX59 that last year, it forwarded 43 scams like this in the Indianapolis area to the FBI, and so far this year it has forwarded 14 of them.

Burris flagged the post and it has since been taken down. He said he planned to leave the sign on his front door all summer, in case the posting went back up.

"If it happened to me, it can happen to anybody and somebody is going to be affected by this, somebody has sent them money," Burris said.