Your Town Friday: Cooling off in Brownsburg

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Brownsburg, Ind. - Did you know Brownsburg hasn't always had that name? The original name was Harrisburg until a Post Office was established and they realized another Post Office in Indiana already laid claim to the name!

That was in 1836 and more than 21,000 people live in the Hendricks County town today.

"What I love about Brownsburg is it's constantly growing and improving and progressing," said Travis Tranbarger.

Travis knows what it used to be and sees its future every day, as Assistant Director of Brownsburg Parks.

One of the most popular places in Brownsburg this time of year has 40 acres of woods, a Pollinator Garden with more than 2,000 plants, and gallons and gallons of water splashing 32 feet in the air!

We met Travis at Williams Park for a tour before the park opened for the day. It's the biggest park in town with 77 acres.

You might hear the locals call it "Blast-Off" Park.

Blast-Off Playground is an all-wooden playground dreamed up by a group of Brownsburg Community School kids. Their vision was built by more than 2,500 community volunteers.

But the shining star during the summer tends to be the Watermill Splash Pad.

"One of the main factors that went into the design was designing it for toddlers all the way up to preteens," said Travis. "So we have bays for each age group and then a middle area for families. They love to hang out under the water wheel."

The water wheel spits out 48 gallons of water 32 feet in the air.

The splash pad is on a four minute sequence. The design phase took two years.

"The other cool thing about this is the kids can control the splash pad by pushing the activator button."

Travis says they've heard the pleas for more shade and they're working on adding more shaded areas. Brownsburg Parks is all ears for more ideas, so Travis says feel free to send your suggestions their way! Click here for contact information.

Now back to that Pollinator Garden.

"It was a partnership that was developed with Dow AgroScience, so they provided the volunteers that put the plants in, they provided the plants and, quite frankly, their expertise in helping us get that off the ground. It blooms throughout the spring, summer and early fall. There's a variety of different plants."

"We love being able to add amenities like this to the parks system."

Watermill Splash Pad is open mid-May to mid-September from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.