Greenfield police need new Tasers

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GREENFIELD, Ind.- The Greenfield Police Department is asking city leaders for almost $100,000 for new Tasers. The current model, which each Greenfield officer has, is more than a decade old and Chief Jeff Rasche said he wants his officers to have the most up-to-date and safest tools at their disposal.

“The majority of the inventory of our Taser equipment is outdated, most of it is about 13 years old,” said Rasche.

Aside from being tougher to fix when they break, Rasche said the current Tasers can no longer take manufacturer updates for  the in-unit software that records important details, like when each Taser is fired.

“What that tells me is that we’re carrying a piece of equipment out of this building that is not up to standards that Taser wants it to be,” said Rasche.

The cost to replace all 45 department-issued weapons is $91,000; a big chunk of change for a smaller department like Greenfield.

“That $91,000 is based over five years,” said Mayor Chuck Fewell (R), “and that also includes practice cartridges [and] we don’t have to update again.”

Fewell is on board with the idea, and says the money needed will not cost local taxpayers anything.

‘We have [a] safety fund, that’s used for public safety,” said Fewell, “and we can use the money out of that. That way it doesn’t come from the tax payer.”

The stun guns in Greenfield aren’t used often. In 2015, they were used ten times. In 2016, only seven times and this year, they’ve been fired only twice. Despite their infrequent use, the Chief says these Tasers are more tools than weapons.

“It’s a must-have tool for law enforcement,” said Rasche, “we have got to have that tool.”

The mayor expects to have those funds approved within the next three weeks. The Chief hopes to have those new Tasers issued to his officers by early August.