Hamilton County Jail prepares for influx of people over busy concert weekend

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – While the weather postponed a Friday night show at Klipsch Music Center, two sold out shows are still scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. The Hamilton County Jail is prepared to handle additional inmates due to public intoxication and drunk driving arrests, according to the jail commander.

Jail officials say they expect arrest numbers to be in the double digits. They have added staff for this weekend in order to deal with extra people being booked into the jail.

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly are scheduled to play a sold out show Saturday at Klipsch. Def Leopard has a sold out show on Sunday.

Last year when Florida Georgia Line played at the venue, there were 22 arrests at Klipsch and 33 arrests in the county.  On a normal Saturday night, the average is around 15 arrests total.

“Typically, we get more numbers after the show from law enforcement that’s on the street,” said Hamilton County Jail Commander Capt. Jason Sloderberck. “Those people are coming to jail for operating while intoxicated.”

Sloderbeck said they will have to vans stationed at the venue to transport people directly to the jail.

He recommends anyone attending the concerts plans to have a sober driver. He also said anyone under 21 should avoid drinking alcohol because the venue has a zero tolerance policy.