Man on top of van gets tasered by police in Greenwood, arrested for robbery

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GREENWOOD, Ind. - Authorities in Greenwood have arrested a man for robbery Friday afternoon after he was tasered while on top of a stolen mini-van, police say.

Jameson McCarthy was arrested after he allegedly robbed the Greenwood Discount Tobacco store and injured the store clerk. Police say he then stole a customer's van and injured the driver during the altercation.

Police do not have an update on the condition of the clerk or the driver at this time.

He then reportedly led police on a chase and then crashed the van near the intersection of US 31 and Fry Rd.

A viewer captured the arrest on camera. You can see McCarthy try to climb out of the van, stand on top of it and then was tasered by police.

He was charged with two counts of robbery, criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and resisting law enforcement, all felonies.