Authorities perform water rescue of five women at Holliday Park

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Authorities in Indianapolis performed a water rescue of five people at Holliday Park on the north side Saturday.

At around 2:35 p.m., crews were called to Holliday Park on a report of a kayak that capsized.

There were five female victims on the White River who were reportedly stranded on an island.

Brenda 60, Kim 60, Eileen 46, Helena, 49, and Veronica, 56.

Brenda, Kim and Eileen were rescued by Tac Team 14 from small island on west side of River about 300 feet from the Meridian Street Bridge.

Veronica was grabbed out of the water by a local TV photojournalist and Helena made it out of the water on her own.

The women are reportedly from Texas and Ohio but are here visiting family. One of the kayaks reportedly flipped as it was lodged in debris. None of the women were reportedly wearing life jackets.

All 5 victims have been reported safe. They were reportedly on a birthday kayak trip with high water overturned their kayaks.

IFD Officials are asking that residents please stay off the quick moving rain swollen river.

Take a look at footage from the rescue from IFD’s Twitter page: