Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe visits Crown Point on a whim

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CROWN POINT, Ind. – Longtime host of “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe was in Indiana Friday to experience life in the Midwest.

Rowe traveled to Crown Point in northwest Indiana and had quite the day.

According to his Facebook post, he marveled at in Crown Point’s town square, known to locals as “The Square”, he mentioned that it looked like the set of ‘Back to the Future.”

He drank beer with locals on patios as the local car show rolled by near The Square.  Earlier in the day, he said the police chief invited him to shoot a M-16 at a gun range in town.

Rowe also mentions meeting an extraordinary motorcycle mechanic in nearby Cedar Lake, seeing a giant fake giraffe in someone’s yard and said he didn’t have time to enjoy Hooters or Gospel Fest.

He ends his post with “it was great to see you, America. Keep on being you.”

Since “Dirty Jobs” Rowe has kept busy and even was the center of a false rumor circulating his death last year.