Investigative reporter who worked USA Gymnastics investigation from the start says changes won’t happen overnight

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - USA Gymnastics released a new report Tuesday detailing 70 recommendations for the agency to better protect young athletes from being victims of sexual abuse.

The report was spurred by the Indianapolis Star's investigation into USA Gymnastics mishandling sexual abuse allegations.

"(The report) really confirmed a lot of findings including the fact they didn’t always report all sexual abuse allegations to law enforcement and in some cases they didn’t even conduct their own investigations into such allegations," Indy Star Investigative Reporter Marisa Kwiatkowski said. "And furthermore that they didn’t have protocols in place to prevent a coach from moving from gym to gym."

Kwiatkowski was one of the investigative reporters who first uncovered USA Gymnastic's mishandling of sexual abuse allegations. She said this report is a step in the right direction for the agency.

“Those recommendations, if implemented, do seem like a step forward for the organization and help better align them with other youth sports organizations," Kwiatkowski said.

However, one recommendation has Kwiatkowski a little concerned. The reports indicates USA Gymnastics should change its, "culture."

"And that’s also something that is not going to happen overnight," She said. "It’s going to take some times so we are going to have to continue watching it moving forward and see what they do.”

Kwiatowski added while USA Gymnastic's CEO did step down in March, much of the organization's leadership has remained the same.