Marion, Hamilton County leaders looking to make the White River the new happening spot

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Leaders from Hamilton and Marion counties held an event Wednesday to announce they are looking for a group of consultants to create a master plan for future developments along the White River.

The counties issued a joint Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Monday and plan to collectively choose a single consulting team that will be tasked with creating a plan to make the White River a cultural and recreational destination.

The possibilities are endless, but sometimes ideas floated around Wednesday included a beach in downtown Indianapolis or a water taxi service.

“A beachfront, a little more space to go fishing out here would be nice," Indianapolis resident and fisherman Ronald Greene said. "Couple of docks, maybe a pier to fish off of. Restaurant would be really nice too to have along a pier.”

The RFQ's are due July 26th and county leaders hope to select the group of consultants by August.
Any planned developments would have several public hearings before ground is broken.

The consulting firm will also be in charge of studying water quality conditions and regulatory requirements.