Putnamville corrections officer charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs

Rachel Spendal

GREENCASTLE, Ind.– Police say a corrections officer with the Putnamville Correctional Facility was arrested after they found drugs in her possession at work.

Wednesday morning, police were alerted to an officer in possession of what appeared to be contraband in the prison. A suspicious package fell out of Rachel Marie Spendal’s purse while working in an offender dorm.

When police searched the bag, a 3×3-inch square package was found wrapped in black electrical tape. Inside the package was pornographic images and several orange strips marked with an N8 – believed to be Suboxone.

Spendal’s vehicle was searched, and officers found a cell phone wrapped in black electrical tape. More orange strips were also found. She was arrested after allegedly confessing she was paid $1,000 to bring in the package for an inmate, Maverick Wells-Tennison.

“It is sad to see our own staff involved in trafficking, but they will be held to the same standard as any other visitor or offender, and will be prosecuted to the highest degree possible to ensure the safety and security of our facility, as well as the department,” said PCF Superintendent Brian Smith.

Spendal faces a felony charge of conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance and cell phone.