UPDATE: Bald eagle dies from seizure after being rescued from I-70

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GREENFIELD, Ind. – Officers with the Greenfield Police Department rescued an injured bald eagle Wednesday morning with the help of a wildlife expert. Unfortunately, the eagle died this afternoon.

Greenfield Police Chief Jeff Rasche told our partners at the IndyStar that they received a call around 6:30 a.m. about an eagle trying to cross  I-70 just east of State Road 9. They assessed the situation and called wildlife rehabilitator Rick Hutson to the scene. Hutson is a wildlife rehabilitator with Wild and Exotic Rescue Center in Kenard.

"It had a compound fracture of the right wing which means the bone was sticking out of the skin," Hutson told the IndyStar. "He tried to get away from us at first because that's the mode they're in. They don't want to be around us. But after he hobbled away a little I was able to hold him by the talons and secure him."

The eagle was taken to DNR for emergency care. Once there, they found the injuries were worse than originally thought. An infection had set in, and the eagle suffered a seizure from which it did not recover.

Police thanked everyone for their support in sharing the story.