Raids net eight suspected Hancock County drug dealers

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind.- Nearly a dozen suspected drug dealers are off the streets after a big round up by Hancock County authorities. Greenfield Police say most of these suspects were dealing in prescription pills. This operation was being worked on for more than five months. In total, eight people were arrested Wednesday with one more still on the run.

“Some of them are connected [and] some of them are not,” said Detective Lieutenant Randy Ratliff of the Greenfield Police Department.

Authorities say most of the suspects were dealing in prescription medication, which may be a surprise to some given how often meth and heroin make the headlines.

“Actually in Hancock County, at this time, prescription medications are actually a bigger problem than heroin and meth,” said Ratliff.

Court documents allege the suspects each sold the drugs to undercover informants during a months-long investigation.

“If you come to Hancock County and you want to deal drugs, be prepared to pay the price,” said Deputy Prosecutor  David Thornburg.

That’s the message prosecutors hope these arrests will make clear. Recently the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office reorganized, putting Thornburg in charge of all the county’s drug cases. He says between Wednesday’s sweep and other recent cases the new way of doing things is paying off.

“Last month, one of the trials we had sent a drug dealer to prison for ten years,” said Thornburg.