RECIPE: Squealers BBQ Nachos Deluxe

Squealers BBQ Nachos Deluxe

  • BBQ Nachos topped with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, served with jalapenos and sour cream


  1. Place 4 oz. or corn tortilla chips on an oven safe 12×9 plate.
  2. Top with 4 oz. cheddar jack cheese mix. Evenly spread cheese over all chips.
  3. Place plate in oven and bake at 375° for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is completely melted. Bake time may vary depending on opening and shutting of oven.
  4. Once cheese is melted, remove nachos from oven and transfer to a 12×9 serving plate. Top with 5 oz of warm pulled pork.
  5. Drizzle 4 oz. of desired sauce on top of nachos.
  6. Garnish nachos with 2 oz. portion of jalapenos on the side of the plate and a side 2 oz. portion of prepped sour cream.
  7. Once sauce is drizzled on nachos, top entire nacho with 4 oz. chopped lettuce, 2 oz. chopped tomatoes and 2 oz. chopped onions. Make sure that all veggies are spread evenly.
  8. Garnish with jalapenos and sour cream