RECIPE: Squealers Pulled Pork

Squealers® Pulled Pork

  • Pork shoulder or Boston Butt is 4-6 lb, bone in with ¼ fat cap.

Butt Preparation

  • Pork shoulder is rubbed or thoroughly coated with a generous amount of rub on all sides with Squealers® Kickin’ Powder.
  • Butts need approximately 14 hours of smoking at 215°. Cooking time can very based on the pit temperature. A good rule of thumb is that time can be equated to pounds of meat at 1 lb. per hour cooking at approximately 225 degrees. Squealers chooses to cook at a lower temperature for a better smoke flavor.

Smoking the Meat

  • The raw product is placed on the pit rack fat side up.
  • Smoke the butts for approximately 14 hours, when the shoulder bone can pull from the butt easily the butt is done.
  • As an alternative, the butt may be wrapped in tin foil when smoke has sufficiently penetrated the meat (approximately 8 hours), then finished in an oven at 325 degrees until tender.

Serving Product

  • Butts are servable when the shoulder bone is removed and a proportionate amount of fatty tissue is also removed.
  • The butts are pulled by hand into a shredded type product.
  • Squealers® butts are not chopped using a cleaver, they are hand pulled.
  • Sprinkle butts with a final dousing of Kickin’ Powder.