Carmel center highlighting swim lessons for people with special needs after boy with autism drowns

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Following the drowning death of Shalom Lawson in Brownsburg this week, a local center dedicated to helping those with autism wants to make their presence known.

The Applied Behavior Center for Autism offers swim lessons for their students. Swim lessons are a part of the everyday applied behavior analysis curriculum.

For parents with children at the center they have peace knowing swim lessons are a part of the schedule, but not all families know this center in Carmel exists or if they do, their insurance may not cover it.

After the body of an 8-year-old Shalom was discovered in a pond in Brownsburg this week leaders at the center decided to take to Facebook and offer 25 swim class scholarships.

"And we thought, you know what we get this and we understand this risk and one of the reasons why we do have a pool at our ABA center is for this very reason Is to teach our young learners and children who come in for ABA therapy at our center," Director of Admissions, Jane Grimes said.

People with autism are drawn to water so if they wander off the goal is to make sure they have the tools to survive.

"Even if they have those moments where they have that skill and that's an extra minute or an extra two minutes and first responders are there that's huge that's one life saved," Grimes said.

With the Lawson family on their hearts the hope is that awareness is brought to the importance of teaching people with autism to swim.

"This is a state issue, it's a national issue, it's a systemic issue. It's not just local to Brownsburg or local to Indiana. It is something that needs to be addressed overall," Grimes said.

If you’re interested in signing up for swim lessons for a person with disabilities visit learn more about the center here