Henry County friends thankful for their lives after double shooting

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KENNARD, Ind. -- A pair of friends in Henry County, each shot multiple times and once fighting to survive, are home from the hospital.

Investigators said June 29th, Sarah Swift's estranged husband opened fire on her and Caleb Broad, a childhood friend.

Broad said he had stopped by Swift's house in Kennard that day by chance.

"I'm very thankful for God, God saved our life," Swift said.

Weeks later, a bullet hole remains in the side of Swift's home, reminding the two of all they still have.

"I was just thinking about everybody, my kids, wanting to make sure they were okay and in a safe spot," she said.

Swift said she was shot twice. Broad said he took at least 13 bullets, everywhere from his head to his back to his arm.

"God told me I was gonna live. I wanted to take every bullet I could and kept trying to get up because at the end of all this he put the gun, pointed the gun at Sarah's head and pulled the trigger and there was not one bullet left. Praise God," Broad said.

Broad and Swift are praising not only God, but thanking all the law enforcement, first responders and neighbors who helped them.

"April stood with me the whole time even when the cops were messing with me, she stood there and was helping me to stay calm and Randy helped Caleb and stopped his bleeding on his head," Swift said.

Now both have their lives they still get to live.

Meanwhile, investigators said Swift's estranged husband, James Brandon Swift, is facing two counts of attempted murder.