Stormy and steamy through Friday

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Slow moving storms Wednesday afternoon bring a blinding rainfall threat. A few local wind gusts are possible. The main threat is for heavy rainfall and possible flash flooding.

This feels like it is the hottest day so far this summer. At 4 pm the heat index topped 96-degrees in Indianapolis and reached 100-degrees in Lafayette before the storms arrived. Terre Haute reached 102-degrees.  The high temperature reached 90-degrees officially in Indianapolis, the third of the season and first in four weeks.


The air is loaded with moisture - 2" evaporated and available for rainfall. There are weak steering winds create the slow moving environment. A few storms may mix down wind gusts to 50 mph.


Later tonight a cluster of new storms will develop and move along a late night jet stream. Gusty/active storms clusters may move into the state late tonight and pre-dawn Thursday. We will monitor the trends and look for that initial storm cluster to start forming around 10 pm to the west and northwest. Be sure to check back later tonight.