How to get help after work zone accidents

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — One doesn’t have to go too far this summer on Indiana’s highways and interstates before they encounter a work zone.

From early spring of this year till late fall, nearly 50 plus projects will be worked on by construction crews around the state.

And while crews do their best to keep accidents from happening while vehicles pass by, it is not at all uncommon for a driver to possibly have a piece of debris hit their vehicle while passing through that work zone.

Most drivers are then faced with the dilemma of what to do next in getting their car fixed.

INDOT reminds drivers that should that situation occur they can file a tort claim with the state to see about possible reimbursement for damages incurred in that work zone incident

INDOT also reminds drivers that if your vehicle or property is damaged (such as hitting a pothole on a state road, interstate or U.S. route) or your personal property is damaged by an INDOT vehicle (such as a mail box being struck) you may also file a tort claim.

You have 270 days to file a tort claim against the state following an incident and after filing your claim, you should have a response from the state within 90 days.