Traffic lane shift to start Tuesday night along the I-465 and Michigan Road construction project

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Contractors plan to temporarily close the Interstate 465 East Exit 27 ramp to U.S. 421 (Michigan Road) Tuesday night in order to move temporary concrete barriers and shift traffic lanes for the next phase of construction.

Crews will close the ramp starting at midnight until about 2 a.m. Two lanes of traffic will be shifted to the right half of the ramp. When the ramp reopens, one lane will be a left-turn lane to northbound U.S. 421 and one lane will be a right-turn lane to southbound Michigan Road.

This construction phase is anticipated to last about two weeks, after which the ramp will open in a permanent configuration with three left-turn lanes to northbound U.S. 421 and two right-turn lanes to southbound Michigan Road.

The next phase of construction will lengthen the northbound Michigan Road right-turn lane to eastbound I-465. One right lane of northbound Michigan Road will be closed. At least two lanes will remain open, except for some temporary overnight restrictions.

About the project

This project is expected to cost nearly $1.4 million and will consist of adding turn lanes at the I-465 and U.S. 421/Michigan Road interchange on the north side of Indianapolis. The project seeks to increase capacity and improve traffic flow at the interchange by:

  • Lengthening the existing northbound Michigan Rd. right-turn lane to eastbound I-465,
  • Adding a second left-turn lane on southbound U.S. 421 to eastbound I-465,
  • Adding a third left-turn lane on the eastbound I-465 exit ramp to northbound U.S. 421