Movie based around central Indiana city opens in theaters

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COLUMBUS, Ind.- If you’ve ever driven through the city of Columbus, you know it’s different by design.

You don’t often see the work of world-renowned architects hidden in a small Midwestern town.

“The density of significant architecture that we have in a city of 45,000 people, it’s just almost unbelievable,” said Karen Niverson, executive director of the Columbus Area Visitors Center.

The City’s unexpected beauty move filmmaker Kogonada so much he made a movie about it.

“I fell in love with this town and I wanted to make a film there, and I wrote it without knowing if I would have access to any of those buildings,” he said.

“Columbus” tells the story of a young-man and a young-woman who find each other in the midst of their shared fear of losing a parent.

“They connect during this one fleeting moment in Columbus and work through that together,” said Kogonada.

Kogonada and his crew shot the film in Columbus over six weeks last summer.

They took over some of the most iconic building in Columbus like the Bartholomew County Library, First Christian Church, Irwin Gardens, and Miller House.

“It was really fun to be on the set,” said Erin Hawkins who appears in the film as an extra.

Erin was one of several locals who appear in the movie.

She even made it into the trailer.

“It’s a split second, literally don’t blink or you’ll miss me,” said Hawkins.

Some say, missing even a second of this movie is too much.

“My reaction was Oh my goodness this is a beautiful community and it looks great on the big,” said Niverson.

“Columbus” opened in New York and LA on August 4th.

It premieres in central Indiana on September 1st at both the Keystone Arts Cinema (Indianapolis)  and YES Cinema (Columbus).