Colts fan builds mini Lucas Oil Stadium

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Lucas Oil Stadium will be full of Colts fans when the first preseason game kicks-off on Sunday, but one fan has found a way to bring the stadium to him.

Some know him as "Clony Dungy." After getting comments about looking like former Colts coach Tony Dungy,  Mike Bostic started dressing up like him on game days for fun.

Bostic is a Carmel-Clay Physical Education teacher who spent 15 years coaching high school tennis. When he retired from coaching to spend more time with his family, Bostic picked up quite the hobby: He built a miniature replica of Lucas Oil Stadium in his basement.

The building, the landscaping, the parking lot and posters -- every detail in "Clony Dungy's" stadium is honor of the real thing. It even has a retractable roof! Inside, Bostic added hand-painted players with details down to the grass stains. The project took about four months overall, an impressive feat considering it was the first time he made anything like the mini stadium.

"I had no woodworking experience, zero, none!” Bosic said.

Bosic said he knew he wanted to add something to his growing "Colts Cave" in the basement and realized it would be the perfect hobby to take on with his sons.

"My sons and I and my wife, we love the Colts. I love collecting Colts memorabilia and I'll hand it down to my sons," Bostic said.

"There’s nothing that brings people together like sports. There’s so many things that divide people, but on those Sunday afternoons in Indianapolis and Indiana,  we’re all Colts fans and that brings everyone together," Bostic said.

Bostic already has another project in the works. He created a new fan product called "Rally Rings," a combination of a foam finger, a rally towel and a fidget spinner. A patent is pending now. Bostic says he hopes it could be a fun addition to any sporting event. For more information, click here.