Hoosiers warn of job offer they say turned out to be sophisticated scam

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Two Hoosiers say an offer they received during their job search turned out to be a sophisticated scam.

A Greenwood woman showed FOX59 two items shipped to her home address under other people's names: a brand new iPad and a gaming computer. She said the company that sent them to her seemed legitimate at first, but she quickly became suspicious.

"Right away, I was like, yeah this is definitely a scam," she said.

FOX59 agreed to keep her anonymous, because she is worried the items shipped to her could've been obtained illegally.

Here's what you need to know: the woman said she was looking for a job through typical online sites, and a WR Company, also called WR Co, reached out and said they had an opening.

She was supposed to be helping an international company ship items to people in the United States. The work-from-home job was billed as an easy way to make money by simply taking in packages and shipping them back out.

"You would be set up on their web page to receive the packages and then they give you a pre-paid shipping label to send the packages out to a different person and different address," she said.

She said she was expected to ship the packages out before she had been paid, or been given any paperwork, like a W-2 form. When the first package arrived and she found it was from Verizon, she panicked.

"It makes no sense. Why can't that person just order their product from Verizon directly?" she said.

She's not the only one. Tony Sullivan said he didn't receive any packages, but he was contacted by the same company and initially thought it looked legitimate.

Sullivan lost his job in March and said he's been using online job sites, at the suggestion of his unemployment office, so at first he didn't think it was strange to get an unsolicited offer.

"You (get) inundated with emails and texts for job positions that are available," Sullivan said.

Sullivan said WR Company seemed real, because on their website they posted documents from the Georgia Secretary of State's Office and the IRS, which they claimed would verify their credentials in the U.S.

Those documents, though, trace to other companies, and when FOX59 asked the Better Business Bureau to look into it, CEO Tim Maniscalo said his team believed it was a scam.

"It originates out of China even though the company said they were a Georgia-based company, so that made us very, very suspicious," Maniscalo said.

FOX59 tried emailing representatives from WR Company, but got no response. We also tried to call three numbers associated with the company, but none of them went through to a live person.

Sullivan and the Greenwood woman said they wanted to get the word out so that no one else wasted their time with this, too.

"If it sounds too good, it probably is, and I just wouldn't go through (with it)," Sullivan said.

If you have questions about a work from home job like this, you can contact the Better Business Bureau.