Pair of board members with Decatur Township resign amid shoplifting charges

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. -- A pair of school board members with the Decatur Township school district resigned after getting in trouble with the law.

The two suspects, a husband and wife, are facing charges of theft in Hendricks county. Prosecutors claim the suspects went to a Walmart store and loaded up a shopping cart as well as the woman’s purse and tried to leave the store without paying.

Thomas and Cathy Wiseman served as elected school board members in Decatur Township.

“We as parents should be able to trust everybody on the school board.  So this is very alarming,” said parent Brittani Harrison.

“That’s uncalled for and not acceptable as far as I’m concerned,” said grandparent Michael Longere.

Parents and grandparents of kids who go to Decatur Township say the criminal charges showed a serious lapse in judgment and called for the pair to step down.

“I think it’s wrong and I think both of them should be off the board,” said Longere.

“I don’t think they need to be working for the schools.  They need to be leaders,” said parent Heather Miller.

Those parents got their wish because Thomas Wiseman said Friday he and his wife resigned from the board because they didn't want to embarrass the district any further.

The shoplifting charges were filed back in May, but the allegations only became public during a recent school board meeting.  Cathy Wiseman is facing a felony charge because of a previous theft conviction in Marion county.

The school board president issued a statement explaining, “In light of the information that was brought to the school board this past week in a public session, the MSD Decatur school board is looking into the information provided.”

The next school board meeting in Decatur Township is set for Sept. 12.  It’s not clear how long it will take to replace the Wisemans on the board.