Rain chances drying up next shower chance is for a METEOR shower

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A cold front is slipping through the state early Friday bringing a chance of a shower or thunderstorm.  At 6 pm a heavy downpour passed over downtown Indianapolis while the State Fair grounds and the Airport remained dry.  The drenching downpour was only on e a few that dotted the radar late Friday afternoon.     Any rain will be widely scattered to isolated.  The threat will diminish form northwest to southeast through 9 pm.  After the front passes, the rest of the weekend will be mild.


On a roll!  Of the 11 weekends this summer - only two have produced rainfall.  June 17th, 18th and July 22nd, 23rd where he only weekend with rain this summer.  Not only dry but mild weekends too!  Only one day weekend day all summer reached 90-degrees.  That was Saturday July 22nd.


Clouds will be breaking and in time for the annual Perseid meteor shower peaking late Friday and early Saturday morning.

The annual event takes place as the earth's orbit around the sun passes through the debris left behind by comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle and may produce a couple per minute. According to NASA 25 to 50 per hour.

We have clouds around early Friday night with improving sky condition's through sunrise.  If the weather doesn't cooperate tonight you haven't' missed out.  The 'shooting-stars' are still around in the nights after and after peak activity.

Look to the north and northeast skies well after sunset and before sunrise each of the next few days and good luck!