Monroe Co. Schools considering pay bump for bus drivers to solve busing woes

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Monroe County Community Schools administrators hope a pay bump for bus drivers will be the long-term solution to its bus driver shortage.

“Our wage increases will be competitive,” said Andrew Clampitt, MCCSC’s public relations officer. “It might cause them to take another look and see about becoming an MCCSC bus driver.”

They already hired transportation contractor Auxilio to fix the issue, but that has been trouble since the first day of school, when a shortage of drivers led to delays, doubled-up routes and missed stops.

They’re supposed to provide 42 drivers and 42 buses that meet MCCSC safety standards, but so far, haven’t. Last week, MCCSC issued a 30-day notice to Auxilio that they’ll be considered in breach of contract.

If they don’t shape up in three weeks, MCCSC will need trained part-time drivers and substitutes to take the place of the 18 drivers Auxilio is providing.

The pay raise on the board’s agenda tomorrow is part of the school corporation’s attempt at a “Plan B” if Auxilio fails.

Drivers will get paid between $17 and $20 dollars—a $1.70 to $4.19 an hour raise—depending on experience.

If you haul gravel, you get paid $25, $30 an hour,” said former MCCSC contract driver Mary Blake. “What’s more precious? Our children, your children, their children? Or a load of gravel?”

FOX59 found Auxilio president Ed Dollin at the company’s Bloomington bus barn today. He refused to answer any questions, even off camera, and told our crew to leave the property.

The public school board meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Administration Center at 315 E. North Drive.