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Kilroy’s Indianapolis preparing to offer support Hurricane Harvey victims

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As Texas braces for more rain, Hoosiers who have family in the Houston area are preparing to offer relief and supplies to those in need, including the co-owner of a local bar and restaurant.

“A years’ worth of rain in just a couple of days,” noted Kilroy’s Indianapolis co-owner Chris Burton.

Burton is used to serving others, but now he is prepping for a different order- dishing up relief and supplies to family and friends affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“I know a handful of guys I went to high school with or that I used to work with that were out on their boats all day yesterday rescuing people from their houses,” said Burton.

Burton grew up just south of Houston and his mom and dad still live nearby.

“My parents are fortunately fine. They just have to deal with the water in their homes,” said Burton.

As the waters continue to rise, Burton is collecting supplies and raising money.

“I have thrown a couple of ideas around. I was going to borrow a boat and take that with me around the neighborhood if I have to or I was going to borrow a box trailer and fill it with supplies like water and tools and help in any way that I can,” said Burton.

Burton tells us many people are offering to step in and help him, showing true Hoosier hospitality.

“I grew up in Southern hospitality and now I have been living in Midwest hospitality for the past 14 years and I have seen the good sides of both,” said Burton.