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Dogs rescued from shelters hit by Hurricane Harvey arrive in Indianapolis for adoption

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Nearly a dozen dogs in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit will soon be up for adoption in Indianapolis.

The Humane Society of Indianapolis is helping shelters in Texas by housing 11 dogs that were already in shelters to make room for the dogs displaced by the storm. The dogs were flown from Texas to Chicago yesterday, and IndyHumane society staff picked them up and drove them to Indianapolis.

IndyHumane CEO, Steven Stolen released the following statement about the dogs:

“IndyHumane is proud to be part of a coordinated effort with our sister organizations in Texas to assist at this time. The shelters in cities like Houston need room for local animals that are being surrendered. In order to support those agencies, IndyHumane is accepting their shelter animals and will, as is the case with all of the animals that come to the Michigan Road campus, ready them for adoption here in the Indianapolis area. This action will allow our colleagues in Houston and beyond to accept animals and hopefully return them to their owners in the Houston area.”

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