Have you noticed the sun looks red above Indianapolis? Here’s why

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — You may have noticed a milky appearance to the sky Monday night, or even noticed the sun appeared red! This was due to smoke that was being brought in from wildfires and forest fires in the West.

The colors that we see in the sky have to do with the way light is scattered through the atmosphere. Smoke particles scatter shorter wavelengths (blue) and leave longer wavelengths (red and orange) behind.

This image below shows what the smoke from the fires looked like from space.

Courtesy: NASA

This image shows the visible satellite from Monday. You can see the smoke showing up from coast to coast.

Courtesy: UW-Madison CIMSS


Check out some of the pictures we received around central Indiana from Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Courtesy: Hugo Chacaltana

Courtesy: Hugo Chacaltana