Beautiful Sunday in Indiana as Irma impacts Florida

Indiana has another stunning afternoon on the way! High pressure continues to control our weather, keeping our skies bright.

Afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 70s through Monday. What is left of hurricane Irma will push cloud cover and a few showers into southern Indiana Tuesday and Wednesday. Once Irma moves out our skies brighten and temperatures warm back to near 80º.

Right now Irma is a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 130 mph. The current track has Irma skirting Florida's west coast as a major hurricane and heading up towards Georgia by Monday afternoon.

The eye moved through the Keys earlier this morning while bringing heavy rain to most of the peninsula. Several tornado warnings have already been issued and more will occur today.

Southwest Florida could see 10-15 ft storm surge as winds shift onshore after the eye passes. Depending on the exact track of Irma's eye Tampa Bay is looking at 3-8 ft storm surge.

Strong winds will pound the entire state as heavy rains create flooding. Irma is such a large storm that all of Florida will feel its impact.

Hurricane force winds will ride up Florida's west coast through Monday morning.

Torrential rain of 10-15" is possible not only in Florida's peninsula but also southern Georgia and South Carolina.

Irma is an incredibly powerful and devastating storm. Hoping all Floridians and everyone is Irma's path stay safe.