Westfield police used stolen iPhone to catch 3 Indianapolis men, accused of robbing man at gunpoint

WESTFIELD, Ind.-- Police arrested three Indianapolis men in connection with an armed robbery at a Westfield home.

The incident occurred Monday at 3:17 p.m. in the 000 block of English Green. Westfield police say the victim answered the door and was forced back into the home at gunpoint by three men.

According to court documents, each of the suspects took turns holding the victim at gunpoint while the others ransacked the home.  More than $2,000 in electronics were reported stolen, including speakers, a TV, and an iPhone.  Police were able to retrieve footage from home security system, which recorded the entire crime.  Also, the stolen iPhone acted as a tracking device.  Detectives were able to pinpoint the exact location of the accused armed robbers, an apartment complex about 25 miles away.

"Evidently whoever the home invaders were, they weren’t all that bright," said Kathy Holmes, a neighbor.

When officers stopped the suspects and called the victim's phone it allegedly rang from inside the vehicle.  Detectives found the victim's stolen items stashed in the trunk.

The suspects were located by detectives and arrested. Doninique Lawayne Dunn, 24, faces charges of robbery, pointing a firearm and theft of a motor vehicle. Jordan Domonique Bright, 26, faces charges of robbery, pointing a firearm and theft of a firearm. The third suspect, 23-year-old Lajon Idell Wilson Jr., was arrested on robbery and pointing a firearm charges. All three suspects are from Indianapolis.