IndyGo receives $1.45M grant to enhance electrical charging

IndyGo bus

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – US Senator Joe Donnelley announced Friday that IndyGo received a $1.45M grant to help expand electrical charging infrastrucre.

The grant will help IndyGo modernize its bus fleet to all electric buses.

They will also be able to reduce energy consumption, harmful emissions and operating costs.

“IndyGo provides millions of rides for Hoosiers getting to work, school, or health care services. I’m pleased I was able to help IndyGo secure this federal grant that will help modernize their vehicles and infrastructure. This will help IndyGo become more efficient, and allow them to improve transit times, increase reliability, and ease congestion for Hoosiers in central Indiana,” Donnelly said.

IndyGo was awarded the federal grant by the Department of Transportation.