Teens arrested after CVS robbery in Muncie

UPDATE (6/6/2018) - Tyler Sevion has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Original Story:

MUNCIE, Ind. —Muncie police say two teenagers are facing charges related to the robbery of a CVS pharmacy.

Officers said Tuesday morning they responded to the store on East Jackson St. Investigators said two men, at least one wearing a mask and one armed, entered and demanded prescription painkillers.

"They weren't successful in that bid," said Brian Campbell, a Muncie Police Department investigator. "They did however leave the store with I think some codeine that was recovered when they were apprehended."

Police said they saw the suspects as they were fleeing, established a perimeter and arrested two 18-year olds, Gabriel Taylor and Tyler Sevion.

Public records show this isn't Sevion's first brush with the law, though. Records show Sevion was released from jail in September related to a 2016 robbery case.

Data from the Indiana Department of Corrections shows of offenders released in 2013, more than a third were recommitted to IDOC within three years of their release date.

"It's just a cycle that seems to repeat itself, it can be frustrating at times but it's a part of the job," Campbell said. "So as long as they're committing crimes we're gonna be out here doing our job."

Police said both teens are facing a robbery charge.