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  • “So You Think You Can Dance” finale

    INDIANAPOLIS — Lots of new shows coming this fall, and while we welcome the new arrivals.. one of our favorites is wrapping up. “So You Think You Can Dance” reveals this year’s winner tonight. We had the chance to talk with the finalists.. including front-runner Lex. “So You Think You Can Dance” airs tonight at eight, right here on FOX59.

  • Fall Pumpkin Recipes

    INDIANAPOLIS — This time of the year, we’re out of our gourd.. for gourds! Fall is all about pumpkin spice and everything nice. But it’s not just for pies and lattes. Since September is Better Breakfast Month, we’re combining both. Living Well’s Kim Galeaz shows us delicious recipes that are also good for you.

  • “Gotham” actor stops by FOX59

    INDIANAPOLIS — An all-new season premiere of “Gotham” comes to FOX59. The big question.. Will Butch come out of his coma? “Gotham Star” and Indiana native, Drew Powell plays Butch and he’s back in town. He joined us in the FOX Prime Time Lounge. “Gotham” begins Thursday night at eight, right here on FOX59.

  • ‘Love and Greed in the Heartland’ book details 2012 Richmond Hill house explosion case

    INDIANAPOLIS — It was the most complex murder investigation in state history–the Richmond Hill explosion of November 2012. Two people were killed and five people were convicted and sent to prison. Now, the story is the subject of a new book called Love and Greed in the Heartland: The Richmond Hill Murders. Authors Bob Snow and our own Russ McQuaid stopped by the FOX59 Red Couch to talk about the book. The authors will appear for a signing on Saturday, […]

  • Hoosier native evacuates Florida

    INDIANAPOLIS — Most people in Tampa, Florida have evacuated the area.. Including a Hoosier native. Amanda Cook is back this in Indy this morning after leaving her home. It took her over 30 hours to get here. She joined us by phone on FOX59 Morning News, to talk about her experience.

  • Blue Crew firetruck

    INDIANAPOLIS — Check out this tricked-out tailgate! Now that the Colts are back in action, you’ll find the Blew Crew firetruck at the home games and other fan events. The Crew’s Perry Fiscus drove it by the station.

  • Where is Sherman? Trying out Footgolf!

    FISHERS, Ind. — Colts fans are ready for some football, but there’s another “foot” game in town and it’s growing in popularity… So much that one area golf course has been converted just for the game. Where is Sherman? He’s showing us how to play Footgolf.

  • Where is Sherman?: Sudsy Pups Dog Wash

    INDIANAPOLIS — What happens when a red carpet event ends up going to the dogs? It turns into a dog washing, nail trimming good time. Where is Sherman? He has a preview of a special fundraising event downtown.

  • Colts debut new campaign

    INDIANAPOLIS — Our partner the Colts, launches a new campaign to get fans fired up for the new season. Colts Vice-chair and owner Carlie Irsay-Gordon joined us on the FOX59 Red Couch to explain the new message.

  • Real People, Real Change

    INDIANAPOLIS — The American Heart Association’s annual “Heart Walk” is Saturday, September 9. The event raises awareness about heart disease and stroke. It will also recognize seven Hoosiers who made big changes in their lives. The Association’s Dan Krajnovich along with “Real People, Real Change” winner, Rick Huffman joined us on the FOX59 Red Couch.