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  • April sunshine helps but big warm up still days away

    100% SUNNY April sunshine combined with dry air produces a big jump in area temperatures since early Thursday morning.  The skies are 100% sunny and the April sun is much stronger and the angle delivers twice as much energy than  it did four moth ago (December 21st).  Many locations have risen over 30-degrees since sunrise. RARE CLEAR!  Only two days this month have been this sunny (April 20th & Today).   April averages  only 6 clear days annually. Some locations receiving […]

  • A few frosty mornings coming but spring getting on track; Big warm up soon

    CHILLY SPRING A few frosty mornings are in the forecast before real warming arrives.   We are not in the clear just yet from the cold temps. Sunshine brings sixties Wednesday.  Today is only the 11th 60-degree or higher day of ‘spring’ (Since March 1st) FEWEST in 34 years! (1984) The chilly April has slowed the buds from blooming by as much as two and a half weeks behind schedule. The early morning temperatures this weekend will possibly reach the freezing […]

  • After the rain and clouds, warmest of 2018 is headed our way

    MORE RAIN Rainfall Tuesday was mainly light and pesky. The total precipitation of .07″ through 5 p.m. brings the monthly total to 5.41″. That is just shy of the 10th wettest April on record. April 2018 is the wettest, coolest and snowiest in years! APRIL CHILL This is the coldest April in 35 years and drives the chilly spring that now ranks 16th coldest on record. Ready for a change? We will go from 50s to 60s to 70s to 80s in […]

  • Coolest, wettest and snowiest April in years rolls on

    RAIN CONTINUES Showers will linger through the night but have eased in coverage and intensity.  The low pressure that is generating the rain and clouds sits in northeast Arkansas late Monday.  The slow movement of the low east will keep showers lingering into Tuesday afternoon.  Upper level winds will eventually nudge the low east allowing for the rain to end and skies to brighten starting early Wednesday. Additional rainfall of a third of an inch up to a half inch […]

  • Snow showers expected to follow Wednesday’s windy warm up

    SOME SUNSHINE It was nice to see the skies brighten Tuesday afternoon and that April sunshine went to work fast on these chilly temperatures.  Once we turned sunny, the thermometer really started to rise, climbing 8-degrees in under two hours.  The afternoon will end well below normal, and mark the 13th day this month below normal.  The normal high is 64-degrees. TWO FRONTS ON WEDNESDAY A fast moving low pressure system will race through Indiana Wednesday, initially sending a warm […]

  • Rare mid-April snow and cold; Brighter days ahead

    MORE SPRING SNOW Just what you wanted right? More snow and more cold! Winter won’t let go! The measured .3″ of snowfall today in Indianapolis (April 16) is only the fifth time ever snow is measured for this date (Record 1.3″ 1961). It is now the fifth snowiest spring on record in Indianapolis. Most of our snow (61%) has fallen since March 1! APRIL? We didn’t expect to break the cold weather pattern that has plagued us all spring long and today was […]

  • April 11, 1965 – Indiana’s deadliest tornado outbreak; The Palm Sunday outbreak

    IMPORTANT DATE April 11, 1965 – It was 53 years ago today the deadliest tornado outbreak in state history occurred. Sadly, 137 Hoosiers died as 10 tornadoes crossed 18 counties in only a matter of a few hours. 37 tornadoes would touch down in six states that day, killing 258 and injuring 3,000. The historical image of the twin F4 tornadoes that struck the Midway Trailer Park near Dunlap was photographed by Elkhart Truth photographer Paul Huffman. An 800 yard […]

  • Coldest April in over 80 years will take a turn; Warmest of 2018 coming

    SPRING STRUGGLES Our spring continues to struggle on this the 8th straight day below normal. Spring to date has only produced two 60-degree days (since March 1). April 2018 is now the coldest in 82 years! Who is ready for a change? April can turn on a dime as it will this week. It’s a very transitional month with a 72-degree spread in the record high of 90-degrees and the record low of 18-degrees. The average date of our first […]

  • Cracking the code to this cold spring; Warmest of 2018 coming soon

    SNOW AND COLD MONDAY The cold pattern continues but big changes are coming this week. After early morning snow Monday, temperatures have been hovering around 40-degrees, the normal for February 21. And a full 20-degrees below normal. This is the 7th straight day below normal and our chilly spring rolls on. Currently (Spring 2018) ranks among the coldest 22% on record. Since March 1, there have only been two 60-degree days, fewest since 1984! The early AM snow – another […]

  • Feels like February: Chilly pattern continues and snow will fall again

    NOT APRIL AT ALL High temperatures came early Wednesday and are normal for February 17. By early afternoon, we were down nearly 30-degrees from Tuesday — factor in the wind and it feels over 40-degrees colder! The cold pattern just won’t budge! We are now five weeks into meteorological spring and nearly 70% of the days have been below normal. To date, only two 60-degree days since March 1. Adding insult to injury – record setting snow and record setting […]