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  • Stutz Artists hosts 25th annual open house

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — This weekend is your chance to see 60 local artists at work. From paintings to sculptures, the annual Stutz Open House will showcase multiple artists and their work. Sherman visited the┬áStutz Artists Association to find out why this year’s celebration is bigger than last.

  • Reading dog program expands

    GREENFIELD, Ind. — A dog named Bentley was hit by a car and survived serious injuries to become a champion in child literacy. A place in Hancock County allows him to help kids learn how to read. Sherman visited Bentley’s Buddies and Friends to check out their programs and how they help develop young readers.

  • Fitness for active agers

    CARMEL, Ind. — A new gym promises to improve quality of life and longevity with functional fitness for active agers. Motion4Life Fitness offers group training, personal training, exercise programming, and more; Sherman took a look around to see how they help older fitness-lovers.

  • Innovative medicine to keep you healthy

    CARMEL, Ind. — Medicine meets lifestyle at a clinic in Carmel. Integrative Medicine Laser and Aesthetics say its fresh approach to a patient’s overall health could be the path to a healthier you. Sherman stopped by to check out what they have to offer.

  • High-tech insurance coverage

    Some insurance companies are going high-tech to help customers get the most of their coverage. One company scans license plates and sends quotes via text message, while another helps you get life insurance almost instantly. Rich Demuro is testing them out, seeing how they remove the added fluff cost consumers shouldn’t be paying for.

  • Does it work: Clever Tongs

    Getting dinner ready can require a lot of tools. There’s a new product out on the market that combines two of the most-used kitchen utensils. The Clever Tongs promise to work like a spatula and a set of tongs, but does it work? Sherman put it to the test.

  • Indy Fuel continues their run in the Kelly Cup Playoffs

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — For the first time ever, the Indy Fuel is in the playoffs. Only two games are left before the 2018 Kelly Cup is awarded, and the team needs your help to rally back. The team’s COO Larry McQueary stopped by FOX59 with the game details fans need to know.

  • Family-friendly meal kit service

    There’s a new meal kit delivery service designed with busy families in mind. One Potato specializes in family-friendly portions, and focuses on feeding the entire family with child-sized portions and kid-friendly recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Rich Demuro met up with the founder to see why she created it.

  • Benefits and drawbacks of raw pet food

    The raw food diet is a growing and controversial trend in pet care. It’s not about just cutting up raw meat; sales of commercially-prepared raw pet food have soared in recent years. Supporters say it leads to better overall health and more energy in their pets, but Consumer Reports says raw food can be dangerous for both the animal and their families.

  • Mother’s Day gift ideas

    ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — With a month left to go until Mother’s Day, now is the time to start thinking about a special gift just for mom. Five Thirty Home in Zionsville is filled with items to get your mother’s home ready for spring. Even if you’re looking for a more hands-on gift, they have you covered. Sherman stopped by to check out what they have to offer.