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  • Successfully parenting a kindergarten student

    The Class of 2030 is kicking off this school year as they start Kindergarten!  Oftentimes kids are more ready than parents to take the plunge into formal schooling.  Today we are going to share tips on how parents can support their Kindergartener’s success. Kindergarten is a critical year of growth and development for children.  Most parents went to Kindergarten 20 or more years ago and may think of it as playtime with games and crafts.  However, kindergarten is much different […]

  • How to protect your child from back to school bullying

    More kids head back to school this week. And while some students are excited about returning to class, others dread going back to face the school bully. Here to tell us why bullying happens and how to stop it, is anti-bullying expert Darwin Kenney. Four top bullying situations kids face when they go back to school Alternative lifestyle Race Unpopular Over all different Reasons why kids bully Low self-esteem Anger issues Peer pressure Steps to prevent Role playing Step in […]

  • Tips on how kids can avoid concussions while playing sports

    Concussions do not have to be a part of the game when children are playing youth sports.  A sports medicine physician with St. Vincent Sports Performance explains how to avoid the hard hits.  

  • Toys to keep your children entertained and educated

    From their earliest days, one of the most important ways children engage in their world is through play. Here are some of the newest toys that can support learning through fun. For more information, you can visit

  • Early school start times can sometimes lead to tired teens

    As students start to head back to school, teens face a biological battle that pits school start times against their own body’s development. Research shows that biological changes make it difficult for teens to fall asleep before 11 p.m., and to wake up before 8 a.m. Yet many high schools start class before 8 a.m. The August op-ed from the Indiana Youth Institute looks at the case for – and the challenges of – shifting high school start times to […]

  • Indy Jazz Fest announces 2017 festival lineup

    INDIANAPOLIS  – A mainstay in the Indianapolis arts and culture scene for nearly two decades, the annual Indy Jazz Fest returns in 2017 with a 10-day lineup celebrating the legacy of jazz, modern masters and the discovery of new jazz stars. The sounds and lore of the Hammond B3 organ will be prevalent as part of the IJF Organ Summit. Since its inception in the 1950s, the Hammond B3 continues to be one of the most popular keyboard instruments. The […]

  • Fazoli’s gives a new meaning to a clean plate with its new menu

    Fazoli’s, America’s largest fast casual Italian chain, announced its new, artificial ingredient-free menu.  As of June 19th, Fazoli’s food is completely clean and free of all artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives and colors from its entire food menu. As part of its “Naturally Italian” initiative to introduce a new clean food menu, Fazoli’s worked closely with nearly 50 suppliers to guarantee that a total of 81 artificial ingredients, colors and preservatives were eliminated from its food. A few of the additives that were removed from […]

  • Teachers need cool tools to rule the classroom this fall

    “Back to school” is for more than just the kids. Teachers need to get ready to Rule their School, too! Leslie Featherson from the Fashion Mall at Keystone is here to talk about the best things that teachers can have on their desks the first day the bell rings. Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Laptop with Microsoft Word Wireless Display adapter Active stylus Vera Bradley Back to school supplies for teachers from the #2 producer of women’s backpacks in the USA […]

  • IPS Board President answers your questions about potential high school closures

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- IPS Board of School Commissioners President, Mary Ann Sullivan was on the Fox59 Red Couch to answer questions from the viewers. More than 100 community members filled the auditorium at Broad Ripple High School Tuesday night to share their concerns, questions, and outcries about a proposal to close the school. They were shared during a public comment session hosted by IPS after announcing a recommendation to close Arlington and Northwest High Schools and sell Broad Ripple High School, to save the […]

  • Tips for students who are starting high school in the fall

    North Central High School principal, Evans Branigan III, has information for students and their parents as they transition from middle school into high school. Familiarize yourself with the school’s daily schedule (when does it begin and when does it conclude?) Days before school starts, start the routines of getting up in the morning.  Assist students in transitioning out of summer hours early. Familiarize yourself with the transportation schedule to and from school If there’s an opportunity to tour the school prior to the […]