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Jill Glavan is thrilled to be back in Indianapolis, where her family has lived for more than 10 years. After growing up in the Dallas, Texas area and going to school at the University of Missouri, she now considers herself an adopted Hoosier.

Jill began her career at WPTZ in Burlington, VT, where she got used to tough winters! In addition to her daily assignments, Jill did a yearlong series where she became a “localvore,” only eating food produced within 40 miles of her own home. It was a challenging project, but gave her an appreciation of local food and businesses.

Since joining the FOX59 team in 2012, Jill has contributed to every newscast. You can now see her on Fox 59 News at 10 and Newspoint at 11. She also produces the popular “Dirty Dining” series. When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and cheering on her favorite teams: the Colts and Mizzou Tigers.

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  • Resident, firefighter look back on five-year Richmond Hill anniversary

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Friday marked the five-year anniversary of a tragedy that changed the south side of Indianapolis forever. At 11:10 p.m. on November 10, 2012, Liz Kelley and her neighbors in the Richmond Hill subdivision experienced a life-altering trauma. “The loudest noise that I’ve ever heard. … You almost didn’t hear it, but you felt it,” Kelley said. “(My husband) grabbed me by the shoulders and said, ‘Go outside, the neighbor’s house is gone.'” A home on Fieldfare way, […]

  • Kokomo woman frustrated by lack of motorized wheelchair repairs

    KOKOMO, Ind. – A Kokomo woman says her motorized wheelchair is falling apart and she’s had trouble getting it repaired. Wanda Reynolds’ wheelchair is her lifeline: she uses it in her apartment, to get outside and to go grocery shopping. Lately, though, Reynolds said she’s concerned about how much longer the chair can hold on. “I don’t know when it’s going to quit. I don’t know if I’m going to be at the grocery store and it’s going to quit, […]

  • Elderly woman frustrated after waiting seven months for driveway work

    UPDATE: Crews arrived on Monday, as promised, to begin making repairs to the driveway. They expected to complete their work on Tuesday afternoon, just days after Sandy Clifford reached out to FOX59 for help. ARCADIA, Ind. — An elderly woman contacted FOX59 after she waited most of the year for a crew to pave her driveway. Sandy Clifford hired the small business, Pickett’s Paving, out of Peru in February. She said after more than 50 years in her home, it […]

  • Scammer hacks into eBay, tricks Anderson woman to get phone

    ANDERSON, Ind. — If you sell items online, beware scammers who are hacking into websites and taking over real users’ accounts. Casundra Venable told FOX59 she has sold on eBay for five years with no problems, but recently she fell victim to a scam. Venable was selling a Samsung phone with accessories on the website. Her sale closed, she received a $227 payment, and then a message that she thought was from the buyer. “Thanks so much for (an) interesting […]

  • Woman wants officials to pay back elderly father’s $12,000 sewer repair

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — After her father had to pay more than $12,000 to fix his sewer line, an Indianapolis woman says she wants officials to reimburse him. Ann Sechman contacted FOX59 after she said she couldn’t get a response from a Citizens Energy official, who initially told her she could get reimbursement. “He goes, ‘If you can get pictures you’ll get your money back.’ Well, now he won’t return my calls and I’ve called every week leaving him a message,” […]

  • Widow hopes to find husband’s prized guitar after theft

    ST. PAUL, Ind. — A widow hopes someone will help her find her husband’s prized guitar, after it was stolen and sold to a pawn shop. Walker “Buck” Maulden lived for music, playing lead guitar in various bands on his weekends for decades. In 2015, Maulden learned he had an aggressive form of cancer, which his wife Mary said quickly took his life. “He was an awesome musician. Awesome,” Mary Maulden said. Maulden’s pain is still raw, especially because earlier […]

  • FOX59 checks in on Greenwood man whose wheelchair broke, leaving him stuck in bed

    GREENWOOD, Ind. – A man suffering from muscular dystrophy is back in his motorized wheelchair after months of waiting for a company to fix it. Life was looking a lot sunnier, and a lot more mobile, for Brad Lewis when FOX59 visited him last week. We watched him get out into the neighborhood, less than two weeks after he’d been stuck in bed. “It was nice feeling the sun on me,” Lewis said. Lewis’ mother, Sue McQuillan, contacted FOX59 earlier this […]

  • Disabled man thinks someone stole his identity to get job

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A disabled man told FOX59 that a letter from the government alerted him that someone may be working at Walmart, using his identity. James Long said he had difficulty reading the letter, because he is partially blind, but he was able to see enough of it last week to become alarmed. “I knew something was going on,” Long said. Long said he went to a local Social Security Administration office, where he was told there was a […]

  • Greenwood man stuck in bed after motorized wheelchair breaks

    GREENWOOD, Ind. — A man with muscular dystrophy waited more than two months for his broken wheelchair to be fixed. Brad Lewis spends a lot of time in bed, but it’s not by choice: the Greenwood man’s muscles have become so weak that he is unable to stand or walk on his own. “I haven’t been able to go outside or go to other parts of the house, so (I’m) pretty much stuck in my room,” Lewis said. That’s in […]

  • 19 Hoosiers file complaints against home warranty company in two years

    NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Another customer has come forward to FOX59, saying he’d like the state to take action against a  home warranty company. Amnon Sarig, a real estate broker, said he bought multiple plans with Choice Home Warranty for his customers. His company, Carmel Estates, helps investors buy properties and at first, he said he had a good experience. “A stove broke. I called them, they sent somebody, fixed it within an hour (for) 50 bucks,” Sarig said. Then a much […]