Kyle Inskeep joined the Fox 59 News team in April 2015. He’s thrilled to return the Circle City, the place he called home for four year while attending Butler University (GO DAWGS!).
Before moving to Indianapolis, Kyle spent two years as a reporter/anchor at WTWO in Terre Haute, IN. While there he covered President Obama’s September 2014 visit to Princeton, IN and was one of the first reporters on the ground following the November 2013 tornado outbreak across parts of central Illinois and southern Indiana.
Kyle spent his first year out of college working for NBC News in Washington, D.C. He was selected as the 2012 Tim Russert Fellow. As part of this program, Kyle worked as a researcher for the network’s “political unit,” assisted correspondents and field producers, and worked alongside the Meet The Press digital team to create unique online content centered around the show’s high-profile political guests.
Kyle graduated Magna Cum Laude from Butler University with a degree in Electronic Journalism. He was on campus for both of the historic Final Four runs the Dawgs made in 2010 and 2011! He hopes to catch a few more games this season inside Hinkle Fieldhouse now that he’s back in Indianapolis.
If you have a story idea that you’d like to share with Kyle, email him at or you can catch him on twitter @kyle_inskeep.

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