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  • Metro Diner expands with new location

    INDIANAPOLIS — Metro Diner is expanding in Indianapolis, opening its fourth location on West 86th street this Tuesday! To celebrate early, they’re hosting two charity events this weekend. Plus, they’re sharing a delicious recipe for all of us to try at home!  

  • Crime Con Comes to Indy

    INDIANAPOLIS — The first-ever Crime Con comes to Indy this weekend. We caught up with one of the special guests.

  • Melody Makers of Indiana

    INDIANAPOLIS — The Melody Makers of Indiana invite you to their festival concert! They stopped by the Fox59 studio for a quick performance.

  • Protect your pets during emergencies

    INDIANAPOLIS — When disasters strike, your need to protect not only your family, but also your pets! Rich Anderson with the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in Florida tells us about some stickers that can help.

  • Easy family meals

    INDIANAPOLIS — Weekdays can be busy, so why not let your kids help make dinner? We’re showing you some recipes for easy family meals.

  • Investing in your future

    INDIANAPOLIS — It’s time to invest in your future. Pete the Planner shows us websites that can make saving a bit easier.  

  • Prime Life Enrichment Event

    INDIANAPOLIS — There’s an indoor pool, track, zumba, yoga, and more. Sherman takes us inside Prime Life Enrichment, and tell us about an upcoming fundraiser.  

  • Learn a new way to do Pilates in Fishers

    INDIANAPOLIS–  Take constant movement and flow, and add some circuit training to get a different approach with Pilates. Sherman is getting Fit on Fox in Fishers. Learn more about Just Breathe Pilates at its website.  

  • Basically Buttercream and Café Anti-bullying event

    INDIANAPOLIS — You can enjoy a sweet cupcake, while spreading a positive message. Sherman tells us about an anti-bullying event, happening this weekend. Learn more about Basically Buttercream at its Facebook page.      

  • Does it work: Samurai 360 Rolling Knife

    INDIANAPOLIS — It’s supposed to be a new, revolutionary round blade knife, but does it work? Sherman tests out the Samurai 360 Rolling Knife.