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    Thieves steal salt spreader from small business owner

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A small business owner is looking for the thieves who damaged his work truck and stole a piece of valuable equipment. Heath Hurst owns a landscaping and snow removal company. His crew spent the weekend pretreating properties. On Monday morning, Hurst when out to his truck on the east side and saw a pile of salt dumped out. Then he a noticed his salt spreader, which is normally attached to the back of his truck, was gone. […]

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    Grandson arrested for brutal murder of his grandfather in Kokomo

    KOKOMO, Ind.- A Kokomo man was arrested for killing his grandfather. Zachary Miller, 24, is facing murder and aggravated battery charges in connection with the death of John Miller, 67. According to court documents, Miller attacked his grandfather, hitting him in the head several times and even used a frying pan as a weapon. He told investigators he “choked him for so long that his arms got tired.” On Monday morning, officers were called out to the Miller home on Apperson Way. […]

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    Ancestry website causing privacy concerns

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A website meant to help you track down your family’s history is causing some privacy problems. FOX59 has learned at least one local law enforcement agency has recently been alerted to Officials have been encouraged to remove their personal information as a safety precaution. “The biggest problems with sites like this are it offers up an opportunity for criminals to steal people’s identities. It’s making it much easier.” On the homepage of, users are asked to enter […]

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    Homeowner catches burglar in home, holds him until police arrive

    GREENFIELD, Ind.- A homeowner catches a suspected burglar in the act and holds him until police arrive.  Early Sunday morning, Shane Sollars returned to his home to find it trashed. Sollars quickly realized the crime wasn’t completed. “The man walks from my kitchen to my living room,” recalls Shane Sollars, burglary victim. 39-year-old Jeremy Alexander allegedly was still in his Greenfield home.  According to the police reports, there were piles of Sollars’ clothes, food and electronics packed up and ready […]

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    Bartholomew County woman scares off home intruders by firing gun

    BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. – A 29-year-old woman fought off intruders by firing a gun. On Wednesday afternoon, deputies received a 911 call from the victim reporting there were just two masked men inside her Bartholomew County home. “I mean it’s pretty quiet out here. You don’t hear of anything like that going on that often,” said Elliot Keen, a neighbor. The victim told detectives she confronted the intruders, pulled out a gun, and fired one shot as they took off.  It’s unclear […]

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    Henry County couple arrested for beating, holding teenage girl captive

    HENRY COUNTY,  Ind. – Police arrested a Henry County couple accused of beating a teenager while holding her captive. The pair used livestock equipment to hurt the 15-year-old girl, police said. Court papers reveal the teenager was the one who called 911 for help because she felt the two adults “did something to punish her and she didn’t think it was right.” According to court documents, the teenager told investigators the 41-year-old woman hit her legs and arms with a leather […]

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    Scammers calling residents asking for donations for youth police camp

    COLUMBUS, Ind. — Police are warning citizens about a scam going around. Scammers are calling people pretending to represent the Columbus Police Department and claiming they are raising money for a youth program. “Brazen comes to mind,” said Lt. Matt Harris, with the Columbus Police Department. The callers act like they’re collecting donations for the “CPD Junior Police Camp.” But the city doesn’t even have a youth program under that name. “It’s disappointing that someone would try to use the positive reputation, not only […]

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    IMPD searches for vandals who smashed more than a dozen windows on west side

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Investigators are searching for the vandals responsible for smashing car windows on the city’s west side. Sometime in the overnight or early morning hours on Monday, police believe vandals hit more than a dozen vehicles. “Disgusted, (it) must’ve been some low lives that don’t have a job, don’t work, just out there vandalizing,” said Kurt Fulbright, car vandalism victim. IMPD believes at least 20 vehicles were vandalized, and there could be even more victims that haven’t filed a police […]

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    Shelbyville police investigating report of woman sexually assaulted outside her home

    SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Detectives are searching for two men who reportedly sexually assaulted a woman outside of her own home. On the night after Christmas, a 39-year-old woman told police she was attacked and assaulted at her Shelbyville home. The victim reported that the men were hiding in the bushes when she returned home from a Christmas gathering. The attackers allegedly jumped out at her, tied her wrists, cut her clothes off and sexually assaulted her. “They need to catch […]

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    Mother of murdered pizza delivery driver claims Papa John’s never gave family fundraiser money

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A grieving central Indiana mothers is asking Papa John’s to follow through on their promise. Nearly three years ago, 30-year-old Daniel Jaffke was shot and killed while delivering pizza on the city’s south side. “I just made it through the third Christmas without Daniel, but just barely. It’s been really rough, “said Donna Jaffke, Daniel’s mother. After the tragedy, Papa John’s held a fundraiser to honor Jaffke and to help his family. “I was grieving so badly […]