People say never forget where you came from. That’s one thing Lindsey Eaton won’t have to worry about. After moving from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains, she always knew her heart belonged in the Midwest. She is a country girl who calls Valparaiso, Indiana her hometown.

Lindsey joined the Fox 59/CBS 4 team in December 2014 as a reporter for the evening newscasts. (Not sure if that’s how we are saying the stations)

Most recently Lindsey worked was a reporter/anchor at WGHP-FOX 8 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her most memorable story began just like all great stories, with a hero. She covered the homecoming of a triple-amputee Marine. The story gained national attention, which helped the well-deserved Veteran receive a handicap accessible home built specifically for him. It was this story that earned Lindsey an AP Award as well as an Emmy nomination.

Before the East Coast, Lindsey was an anchor/reporter for KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado where she covered everything from Presidential campaign appearances to marijuana legislation and even did an undercover investigation that led to the removal of several massage parlors that were discovered to be prostitution rings.

Lindsey graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio with multiple degrees including Radio/Television and Communications.

Some things you may not know about Lindsey is that while she may only be five feet tall she is a certified kickboxing instructor, a certified spin class instructor, and an avid golfer. The golf game needs improvement, but the spin and kickboxing classes were guaranteed to make you sweat.

When she’s not on your TV covering today’s news, you can catch her training for her next marathon, checking out Mass Ave. or cheering on her favorite teams: The Chicago Bears, The Chicago White Sox, and of course, the Indianapolis Indians.

If you have an idea for a story or just want to welcome her home, feel free to e-mail, Facebook, or tweet Lindsey. She can’t wait to hear from you!

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