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  • Start thinking about your garden now to save big before spring

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  Would you like to have a garden now, or want to start your landscaping before spring arrives? Many Hoosiers are in your shoes, but they’re not sure where to start.  FOX59 consulted the experts at Allisonville Garden & Home in Fishers for some answers.  They have a garden designer to help you out, so you’re not guessing.  It’s a 45-minute consultation that’s normally priced at $100, but it’s half off until March first. “So for $50, you’ll bring your photographs […]

  • How local apps can save money when you shop

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Walk around your local mall or any store and you can save big money. The key is using what most all Americans carry with them on a daily basis: a cell phone.  Of course, like anything in life, the more time you put into it, the more you can save. We have several free apps you can download to help you save when shopping. The first app is called FLIPP, which helps you plan where you want […]

  • Unique Indy ideas for couples on Valentine’s Day

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, Feb. 14, and millions of Americans are expected to celebrate with gifts, food and presents. Some will celebrate on Wednesday, but others will wait until the weekend.  Either way, if you want to make your Valentine’s Day sizzle, how about a gourmet meal? “We have a fun Valentine’s Day dinner, from scallops to prosciutto-wrapped chicken, a no-bake cheesecake and craft beer brewed locally.  It’s a great time for a good price,” says Joe Hsu, […]

  • How to save money when booking your spring break trip

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Even if it doesn’t feel like spring, this is the time to book your spring break vacation. You can also look ahead to fall to get the best deals.  Searching online by yourself is a popular way to book a vacation.  All the information is at your fingertips–from flights to hotels and transportation–but it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s why travel agents are seeing a resurgence. “When my wife and I took a vacation after 25 […]

  • How to save time and money when you have to move

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Nobody likes moving their stuff from one place to another. Americans move an average of 12 times during their lifetime.  If you don’t like moving–and most people don’t–we have several ways to make it less of a hassle and cost less money. The first tip is to consider shipping items if it’s not too expensive and only pack essentials you can’t afford to lose with your vehicle.  Another good idea is to get free boxes from stores, from […]

  • How to save money on suits and shirts

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – – Most guys own at least one suit. Many Americans have far more than that, and they can be costly to your budget. But there are ways to save. “Suits make a big difference because they help me feel confident. I like getting a suit, but like most guys I don’t like paying a ton of money for them,” said customer Jordan Meier. If you’ve ever gone to a place that sells suits, most offer several options. […]

  • money bills generic

    5 tips to help you reach your financial goals

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  Millions of people make financial resolutions for a new year, but how do you keep those resolutions? The biggest obstacle is not being specific enough about what you want and why you’re doing it.  FOX59 spoke with a consumer financial expert to get five simple tips to help. The number one reason for not reaching your goal is a failure to properly define it. The most common financial resolutions are to spend less and save more and pay […]

  • Five saving tips for 2018

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It seems like most everyone creates a New Year’s resolution, but at least half of the population has a hard time keeping theirs. Most of those resolutions involve fitness goals, but don’t forget, it’s also important to make sure your finances are in top shape. Here are five simple ways to save money that most people ignore. Number one has to do with your cell phone provider.  They are working overtime to get your business, and more and […]

  • Should you replace or repair a faulty furnace?

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Sooner or later, it will happen to you–your furnace will start to fail or stop working altogether. The average furnace lasts about 15 years.  If you live in a home for very long, you will have to make a choice to replace your furnace or repair it.  That decision may come up multiple times. “Our furnace went out last winter.  We new it was on its last leg.  It was an electric furnace so we felt it […]

  • Save money on bill by bundling TV, internet, home security services

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  In the past, customers would get separate bills for TV,  internet, phone and home security, but now more companies are offering mega bundles.  In one case you can bundle cable TV, home security, internet and phone services. “The camera system I got is phenomenal.  We have high definition cameras throughout the house inside and outside.  There’s great night vision coverage as well, so it really illuminates at all times,” said James Somerville, Comcast customer. Security systems are […]