Warren Township Schools on 2-hour delay as police search for suspects in chase and shooting

As an Indianapolis native, there are fewer people better-suited to report on this great city than Trevor Shirley. He was born in Chicago, but grew up on Indy’s north side; graduating from North Central High School as a proud Panther and then from Indiana University in Bloomington with a journalism degree in hand. Having reported and anchored the news in South Bend, Indiana; Sarasota, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia, Trevor is happy to be back home, sharing great stories and digging for the truth all across Central Indiana.
As a reporter, Trevor has covered many high-profile national news stories, including hurricanes and tropical storms, Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign across Florida, and the dramatic arrival and treatment of Ebola patients in Atlanta. He also reported live from the Ferguson riots in Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown in 2014 and from Chattanooga, Tennessee, after six military members were murdered by an ISIS-inspired attacker in 2015.
When not at work, Trevor enjoys traveling, reading and checking out new bars and restaurants. He also likes to stay active outside and has never been to a beach he didn’t love (as a warm weather guy, re-adjusting to the Indiana winter has been the only downside of coming back to the Midwest!). Trevor also enjoys scuba diving whenever he gets the chance.
Trevor is always looking for a great story to tell or a problem to solve. Feel free to send him an email at tshirley@fox59.com or a tweet @trevor_reports. And be sure to say hello if you see him out and about Indianapolis!!

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — With spring upon us, authorities are warning people to be careful when using area trails; the Monon in particular. Officials say with more people using the trail during the summer months, the higher the chance for crime and injury. In general, police say it’s a very safe trail, but there has been some crime recently and authorities want everyone to stay safe. “Everybody kind of comes out of the woodwork,” said City County Council Member Colleen Fanning (R-District […]

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    Indiana University students are on high alert, after two abduction attempts near campus early Sunday morning which left one woman severely injured. The two attempted abductions come on the heels of Little 500, arguably the school’s most notorious party weekend. The first incident happened just after midnight. A 20-year-old IU student told police she was walking by the new baseball stadium near Fee Lane when a dark Toyota pulled up behind her. Police say the driver asked her if she […]

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- Law enforcement is working overtime to keep people safe during this weekend’s annual Little 500 bike race at Indiana University. The IU tradition draws as much attention for it history as it does the notorious partying that happens during this weekend. Indiana Excise Police Sergeant Chris Bard knows how busy of a weekend it’s going to be. “Typically on a weekend like this we’ll see about a hundred violations a night,” said Bard. Not surprisingly, many of the problems […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — As the number of kids involved in violence continues to rise in Indianapolis, there is a new plan in place to keep our young people safe. Just last week, a 15-year-old was found shot to death on the west side. Wednesday night, Mayor Joe Hogsett (D) brought that story up as a way to highlight the pressing need to do more to keep our kids safe. And he says it begins with getting young people’s help to […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A dangerous trend continues to play out across Indiana: wild turkeys flying into windshields, causing massive damage and putting drivers at risk. This may sound funny to some, but officials say it’s no laughing matter and warn we could be seeing this happen more often. Friday morning a woman was driving in Danville, when a huge turkey smashed into her windshield. Luckily, she was alright, but the turkey did not survive. “It just struck the windshield so hard […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis mom wants answers after she says her son suffered a serious injury while at school, but was never notified by school officials. The 10-year-old child apparently broke his elbow early in the day, but despite complaining about the pain and swelling to teachers, this mom tells us she didn’t find out until he got home from school. Amber is the mom’s name but she has requested that we do not use her last name nor identify […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Next week will mark 27 years since Ryan White died. The teenager from Kokomo, who suffered from hemophilia, gained international attention when he contracted the AIDS virus from a contaminated blood transfusion. But now a new project between Ryan’s mother, Jeanne White Ginder,  and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, will give people a unique look at the battle Ryan fought against his illness. When White was diagnosed with AIDS, he was ostracized by much the community in Kokomo. It […]

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