As an Indianapolis native, there are fewer people better-suited to report on this great city than Trevor Shirley. He was born in Chicago, but grew up on Indy’s north side; graduating from North Central High School as a proud Panther and then from Indiana University in Bloomington with a journalism degree in hand. Having reported and anchored the news in South Bend, Indiana; Sarasota, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia, Trevor is happy to be back home, sharing great stories and digging for the truth all across Central Indiana.
As a reporter, Trevor has covered many high-profile national news stories, including hurricanes and tropical storms, Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign across Florida, and the dramatic arrival and treatment of Ebola patients in Atlanta. He also reported live from the Ferguson riots in Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown in 2014 and from Chattanooga, Tennessee, after six military members were murdered by an ISIS-inspired attacker in 2015.
When not at work, Trevor enjoys traveling, reading and checking out new bars and restaurants. He also likes to stay active outside and has never been to a beach he didn’t love (as a warm weather guy, re-adjusting to the Indiana winter has been the only downside of coming back to the Midwest!). Trevor also enjoys scuba diving whenever he gets the chance.
Trevor is always looking for a great story to tell or a problem to solve. Feel free to send him an email at or a tweet @trevor_reports. And be sure to say hello if you see him out and about Indianapolis!!

Recent Articles
  • After bizarre turn of events, missing Indy woman found beaten and sexually assaulted counties away

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – After a bizarre turn of events, a missing Indianapolis woman was found two counties away from where she was last seen. Police say she was found beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted, but she is alive and being treated for her injuries. It all started Tuesday, when authorities say the woman in question never showed up to get her children from day care. Worried family members filed a missing persons report with IMPD and took to social media […]

  • Youth league fight lands off-duty IMPD cop under internal investigation

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- An Indianapolis woman claims she was attacked by an off-duty female IMPD officer during a youth league baseball game Tuesday night. The incident happened at Southwestway Park on the city’s southwest side and IMPD confirms they are investigating that officer’s actions. They said this investigation is standard procedure when one of its officers is involved in an altercation. The woman who claims she was attacked said she just wants the investigation to be fair but worries already that […]

  • Bloomington Police Department joins national agencies to track hate crime

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Bloomington Police Department is standing alongside more than 50 police agencies across the nation to fight hate crimes. The movement aims to better educate the public about hate crimes happening in their own communities and hopefully make victims feel safer about reporting. Few agencies track hate crimes data, because many areas don’t have laws requiring them to do so. But with leadership from the National Police Foundation, agencies across the country, including here in Indiana, are hoping […]

  • Apartment manager rescues drowning pregnant mom and toddler

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — We’re hearing from the woman at the center of a dramatic pool rescue on the city’s south side. On Wednesday, a local apartment manager, Jennifer Potter, jumped into a pool to save a pregnant woman and her toddler son who were about to drown. Potter didn’t go to work Wednesday expecting to save a life, and she didn’t. In fact, she saved three. “I don’t know how I did it,” said Potter, “I just reacted, and I would […]

  • Handcuffs

    ‘Operation Cupid’s Broken Arrow’ goes beyond stopping prostitutes

    UPDATE (June 5, 2018)– Charges for at least one of the men arrested have been dropped.  INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Ten men accused of patronizing a prostitute are off the streets after a blitz by IMPD. But authorities say the operation, named “Cupid’s Broken Arrow” wasn’t just aimed at cutting down on prostitution. Cops say where’s there’s prostitution, there’s usually a whole list of crimes that go along with it. And while some in the public may question IMPD’s focus on something […]

  • Traffic headaches expected as construction starts at 96th and Keystone Parkway

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Get ready drivers, Monday will be the start of lane restrictions and construction at one of the city’s busiest intersections. Construction will begin on the intersection at 96th Street and Keystone Parkway in order to create a free-flowing roundabout.  The project is expected to wrap up near the end of 2019, but drivers will feel the impact starting this week. “I’m definitely going to look at other routes,” said driver Brice Sandage. When it’s all said and done, Keystone […]

  • Storms batter homes, damage power lines across Indiana

    MONROE COUNTY, Ind.- The cleanup continues across central and southern Indiana, after some fast-moving storms blustered across the state Thursday afternoon. Thousands were left in the dark, but things are now moving in the right direction. “It got real windy and then the rain started,” said Mikey Kuemper, who lives south of Bloomington. Thousands were left without power across several counties. In Hancock County, a Greenfield house was damaged when a tree toppled over. Thankfully nobody was there when all this […]

  • American Cancer Society changes guidelines, recommends colonoscopy at age 45

    The American Cancer Society has changed its colorectal cancer screening guidelines. The group said people should get a colonoscopy at age 45 instead of the previous recommendation of 50. Getting a colonoscopy may not be at the top of anyone’s to-do list, but it’s the most effective way to detect and, in many cases, stop the disease before it progresses. Cancer survivor Carmen Breedlove was diagnosed at age 40. She said everyone needs to take the new guidelines seriously. “I […]

  • Noblesville prayer vigil gives hope to community

    NOBLESVILLE, Ind.- The Noblesville community is coming together just one day after a student and a teacher were shot, allegedly by another student, inside Noblesville West Middle School. Seventh grade science teacher Jason Seaman, who was shot while trying to disarm the shooter, allegedly another student, is out of the hospital and at home recovering. Officials also say 13-year-old Ella Whistler is still in critical condition at Riley Hospital, but is making improvements. At a prayer vigil Saturday evening in Noblesville, […]

  • Ticks in Indiana more prevalent than previously thought, according to research

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- Earlier this spring, state officials said they were expecting to see higher numbers of ticks this year, but new research from Indiana University shows the problem is actually much worse than previously thought. “Some of these diseases are spreading,” said IU researcher and Associate Director of the Environmental Resilience Institute David Polly. According to new research by Indiana University’s Project Vector Shield, higher numbers of deer ticks are being found across southern and central Indiana. That could lead to […]