Brittany Diehl

Brittany Diehl


Brittany DiehlBrittany Diehl’s love for the game has taken her all over the country; from Pennsylvania to Mississippi and now Indiana. Since July of 2010, the Pennsylvania native has called Indianapolis home and she said there isn’t a better place to be for a sports nut.

Brittany has been blessed to cover such amazing events like Super Bowl XLVI and the Indianapolis 500. She says the best part of her job is telling stories that go beyond the X’s and O’s. But, she is still just a regular fan who yells at the TV when referees get the calls wrong.  The bad part is that it sometimes happens in the middle of the newsroom, shhh quiet on the set.

When she’s not working, you might find her spending time with her amazing husband (who’s a sports writer),  running, golfing, painting, whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen, and of course, in the stands at any sporting event.

Best day on the job:

Like most, Brittany never understood why going left was a sport. However, she said she was wrong.  Brittany received a newfound respect for race car drivers in May, when the legendary Mario Andretti drove her 170 mph around the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  She says it was the most thrilling experience EVER.

She gives back to the community by…

Being a big sister! Brittany has volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters since she arrived in Indianapolis.

Her favorite sport

Hands down–football, which is the sport that got Brittany interested in sports to begin with. Her aunt planted the seed for her first rooting interest as a kid, Joe Montana.

If she won the lottery she would…

See a game at every major league baseball park, nine down 21 more to go.

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